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Welcome to Clear Lake Concrete Contractors, where we take care of all your concrete needs and more. When it comes to building materials, you simply can't find a more versatile material than concrete, which is why we have specialized in this material. After all, we like our clients to know that concrete is our game, which is why you don't need to look anywhere else because we have got you covered. So take a look around, and then let us know how we can make your day.

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About Our Team

We are based in Clear Lake City, and offer our services around this area as well as to other cities in the greater Houston area, because we know that our services in the decorative concrete industry are in high demand, and everyone deserves to have their concrete needs taken care of by the best. We have been doing this for many years, which means that we have the skills to undertake any project that you need to be done. So put us to the test, and get in touch with us.

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Concrete Maintenance

While concrete is generally relatively easy to maintain, proper care extends its life, preserves its appearance, and protects the investment. Different levels require different cleaning techniques. Unlike many restaurants, our dining room floors have been replaced with polished concrete. Some say the yield from the right soil will be unprecedented. is it real This will go on forever. This way you can carry out a suitable maintenance plan. Otherwise, the concrete will crack as required by the contractor.



What maintenance is required for concrete?

Cleaning - Apply Basic Maintenance, Basic Maintenance by quickly removing dirt from concrete to prevent soiling. Covers grass, weeds, dirt, tire oil stains and more. Regular cleaning of concrete floors will help keep them of the highest quality.

These germs and bacteria can infect your pet's paws and tongue. Dirty concrete makes the floor breathless and can lead to premature aging of the floor, especially the concrete outside. It also cleans up as soon as a spill occurs. For example, apply a mixture of one cup of dishwashing liquid and one cup of ammonia to remove greasy stains. Leave it for 5-10 minutes to dissolve, then rinse thoroughly with water. It is best to do this as soon as possible before the stain dries. Grease - Apply a standard dishwashing liquid (such as Dawn) directly to the grease stain with a brush or rag. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off. If the concrete is dark gray due to oxidation, use Achant to remove stains and restore the shine of the concrete. If you don't have access to these products, you can purchase them at a paint or hardware store. The cost will be slightly higher than retail.

How often does concrete need maintenance?

Companies often use the Safety Cleaner to wipe down concrete once or twice a week. You can clean with electrolyte twice a week and once every three months. If the concrete floor receives little traffic, it usually needs to be power washed once a year. Most companies that use hot oil treatments apply it once a month. Some concrete surfaces, such as kitchens, require daily cleaning and regular washing. If the concrete floor is heated, it should be cleaned at least once a month.

What happens if it does not maintain concrete?

Concrete, like any other product, deteriorates without proper maintenance. In this article, you will learn more about caring for concrete surfaces. For example, if you don't clean it immediately, it can last for years and cause more serious problems. Over time, without proper maintenance, the concrete will crumble and begin to crack. The floor should be polished at least once every three months to keep it in good condition.

What else should you know about concrete?

Several methods and products are available for concrete maintenance. The most common method is to use hot oil and a protective sealer twice a month. This is enough to maintain good soil condition. We also offer engraving and cleaning services if you are interested in staining with chemicals.

We offer different services to maintain different levels. If you are considering a specific level or product, please contact us and we will guide you in detail.

Below are some tips and example tools for maintaining your concrete product:


Concrete is a permanent hardener on the inside and is an integral part of the material, not just the coating. Raw concrete may be contaminated with gaseous salts, oils or contaminated water. Crystal-LokTM, a concrete restoration tool, offers a unique level of permanent treatment solution that will not be erased by wear and contamination. Crystalline calcium silicate hydrate, which is the same material as concrete.

Avoid the wrong chemicals

Please do not use chemicals in the concrete. Thawing products can penetrate the clogs and damage the concrete. Compost products can also stain concrete, so remove any excess concrete immediately. Use concrete cleaners to clean and other cleaning products, as some household products can actually cause damage. Always read product specifications before pouring concrete. Proper concrete maintenance will result in a smooth, durable surface. We provide a range of specialized services for your concrete slabs.

Limit your weight

Concrete is strong and durable, but residential formwork cannot hold heavy materials. Your driveway can easily support heavy equipment such as moving trucks and vans, but it is not equipped on large vehicles. To maintain a stable life on concrete, place these vehicles on the road and keep heavy equipment away from the driveway.

Know the temperature

Concrete must not be exposed to certain temperatures. Concrete hardens and deteriorates if it gets too hot, especially in direct sunlight. However, frozen water can crack and break the concrete surface. Find out what kind of weather conditions exist where you live and avoid risks at all costs. When concrete is exposed to extreme temperatures, the surface can be replaced as quickly as possible. Make sure you are familiar with all the concrete rules and regulations in your area.

Remove Stains Immediately

Concrete coverings can also be useful on concrete surfaces, but it is still best to immediately remove stains and dirt from concrete. If an oil leak is observed in the concrete path, clean the oil as soon as possible. This solution prevents discoloration and staining, making the cement look better than before. If you see oil or stains on the concrete surface, remove these materials as soon as possible.


Seal Your Concrete

Concrete sealing extends its life and looks good. There are several ways to seal concrete. A topical sealant is used every few years to remove dirt and other debris from concrete. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to properly seal the concrete. However, you can use products available at your local hardware store to seal the concrete yourself.


Clean Your Concrete

You have to wash the concrete. Clean concrete will help remove dust and make the final shape easier. If necessary, concrete can be cleaned in different ways. Many solvents and detergents can be used to clean concrete. However, some of them can actually damage the concrete. We recommend using a neutral cleaning agent that is free from contaminants such as alkalis and acids. If necessary, clean the concrete with a mild detergent and do not wash it often. Concrete flushing should be done in spring or fall to avoid damage to concrete cracks in dry or cold weather.

Read the instructions on the product label

When buying solid products, read all instructions before use to make sure the ingredients are used correctly. It is important to avoid accidents by following the instructions on the label. Also keep in mind that cement sealants and cleaners differ from each other in several ways. If you use a sealant, usually spray it on the concrete. When cleaning concrete with water or solvent with a detergent.


This is a final repair that joins the concrete. MG KreteTM, a concrete repair tool, can perform almost unlimited repairs on concrete, including uneven coatings, stair noses or quick anchors. The MG-KreetTM also allows vertical and overhead straightening, and heals quickly in just a few hours in all weather conditions.

PAR Permanent Asphalt Repair

PAR is a type of concrete repair tool designed to permanently repair asphalt pits in all weather conditions. PAR can also be applied to concrete floors, but IMCO® MG-KRETE® can only be used for necessary repairs.


D-TechTM can be used for curing and permanent sealing of concrete. Raw concrete has porous surfaces. This permanent solution offers unmatched resistance to contamination and corrosion that won't fade. D-TechTM is applied to new or existing concrete surfaces.

MG-Krete Concrete Repair Material

1. COMPONENT MAGNETISM PHOSPHATE COMPOSITE. • Quickly cure. • Outstanding adsorption of condensations. Subzero temperature applications are available (-10c/14°C).

For interior use


Do you have to maintain concrete?

In general, concrete with little or no repair is very durable and wears little. Concrete requires good maintenance, but can extend the durability and beauty of concrete. Plain polished concrete can look good in place of oil.

When it comes to keeping concrete, whether you have paint or not, these tips should help you extend the life of your driveway and keep it looking better for years to come. .. Also, if you already see signs of damage to your driveway, please contact our team today for specific repairs that may be needed.

Our Services

Concrete services are something that many contractors can do, however, not all of them can do it well. We, on the other hand, have made it our business to be the best concrete specialists that we can be, which is why the services with decorative concrete products that we offer are so diverse, because if it has to do with concrete, then we will be able to do it for you. These include stamped concrete patios, pool decks, concrete floors, polished concrete, garage floors, and concrete resurfacing. So give us a call and let us know what you need.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

When it comes to concrete, there are so many things to consider, because when the right knowledge is applied, so much more can be done with concrete than what meets the eye.

This is why decorative concrete overlays have become so popular because we can transform plain concrete surfaces into works of art that are second to none. So reach out to us to find out more about decorative overlays, and how they can transform your home into a concrete masterpiece.


Walkways are something that not every home has, but once you find out about all the benefits, chances are that you will want them around your home. Not only do they offer you dedicate walking areas and aesthetic value for your home, but they also have functional benefits such as protecting the structure of your home from erosion.

So if you want to have walkways around your home, then contact us to discuss the benefits of concrete.

Concrete Decks

If you enjoy being outdoors and love spending time at home, then you need a deck so that you can have a dedicated space for entertainment where you and your family can enjoy each other's company in the comfort of your home.

Concrete is one of the best materials to use for a deck because it is long-lasting and doesn't require much maintenance. So if this sounds like the addition that your home needs, then get in touch with us to find out more.

Concrete Patios

If you are looking for ways to add a little bit of luxury to your home, then a concrete patio is the way to go. By using stamped concrete, you have a variety of options to choose from in terms of the different textures and colors that can be achieved.

Want a patio that looks like marble? No problem, stamped concrete can get that done for you. So contact us to find out more about the different options available.

Concrete Driveways

If there is one thing that is certain, it is that your home needs a driveway. However, there are a few important things to consider, because you need your driveway and your garage floors to withstand all the weight from the different vehicles that will drive up there.

This is why concrete is a perfect choice because it is strong and durable and will also last for a long time. So reach out to us to discuss the other major benefits of using concrete for your driveway.

Concrete Stairs

As you can see by now, concrete is a material that can be used for almost anything, including stairs. One of the major reasons why people are starting to gravitate towards concrete stairs is because it is safer than certain other options, like wood for example.

Concrete is fire-resistant, which means that it improves the level of safety that your home offers you. It is also easy to install, which means it won’t be giving you any headaches because of delays.


“My old wooden deck had been giving me problems for years and needed constant maintenance. I was fed up with the situation, and decided to have a new one built. I contacted the guys at Clear Lake Concrete Contractors to see what they could do for me, and they suggested installing a stamped concrete patio that had wood-like textures. I am so impressed with the result and am very happy with the advice that they gave me. Top-quality work!”

Jackson B

"My old asphalt driveway was starting to look really cracked up, and it was just getting worse by the day. I knew I needed to replace my driveway, but I also did not want to use asphalt again. A friend suggested that I contact Clear Lake Concrete Contractors to see if they could help me. All I can say is that I am very happy with my concrete driveway and it looks beautiful. I would recommend these guys to anyone that needs concrete work done.”

Mike L

“I was building my dream home, and needed a material to use for my floors but I was still undecided. I contacted Clear Lake Concrete Contractors to see what they recommended. They suggested making use of decorative concrete overlays because I could have the strength of concrete while having the appeal of marble. The result is absolutely gorgeous, and I am very happy that I contacted them. These guys really know concrete, and you can see it in the quality of their work.”

James S

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